Weight Loss Workout Plan – Burn Fat, Build Muscle

Weight loss workout plans are available to exercise different body parts and achieve diverse goals for body building and fat loss.

There are separate routines that make up weight loss workout plans for developing your chest, back, shoulders, abs, arms or legs. Comprehensive workout routines that build your entire body are also available.

Specific weight loss workout plans like endurance workouts, cardio workouts, kettlebell routines, cross-fit body building, circuit work outs, body weights, time crunches and yoga can be tailored to suit particular people with unique goals for body building.

Common reasons to search for weight loss workout plans are fat loss and to gain more muscle.

weight loss workout plan

How To Jump-Start Fat Loss

Ideal workout plans will help you with fat loss within 6 weeks. The most effective routines harness your inner child, introducing you to the kind of physical activities that you’ve forgotten as you grow older.

Think back to when you were a child. You spent a lot of time jumping about. Maybe you played basketball or volleyball. Or hopscotch and tag. Or just about any game at all with your friends. Those games involved running and jumping. But once you left school, you seem to have forgotten all about doing that.

Learning to jump again is an important part of weight loss workout plans. Even if you are exercising regularly and doing conventional lifts, there are still muscle groups left unstressed. These can only develop with explosive exercises including jumps, throws and pushups. These weight loss workout plans also teach your body how to absorb the shock of landing or catching.

While they increase your overall fitness and suitability for sports, these exercises also boost your heart rate and burn off calories. This means you’ll enjoy fat loss and develop a lean body that’s well conditioned and trim.

Each workout in the plan needs to be repeated regularly at least once every week. Most plans take 30 to 40 minutes to complete. The best weight loss workout plans offer alternative sets to keep you from getting bored by repetitions.

Fat burning weight loss workout plans are very popular among both men and women. Since results are visible within 42 days, it is easier to stick with these routines. The changes in your body and the fat loss you experience serve as powerful motivation to continue exercising.

Workout Plans To Put On More Muscle

When you follow a weight loss workout plan which involves alternately using heavy weights and high reps, you can’t help but enjoy muscle gain. Incidentally, that’s in important reason why people search for weight loss workout plans.

Especially suitable for people who have hit a plateau in their body building, an 8-week weight loss workout plan that’s based on classic training strategy can shock you out of the rut and put on more muscle.

For the first month of such a workout routine, you will train with increasingly heavier weights, using only low reps at each level. The month following it, the load gets lighter while you’ll perform more reps and increase sets. The reason why this weight loss workout plan is so effective is because when you lift heavy weights, your muscles send a signal to divert available reserves to help them adapt to the stress. This helps you gain muscle mass quickly.

The entire workout program lasts 8 weeks, of which the first four have weekly workout plans to lift lighter weights and the next four are directed at lifting heavier weights more times. Like the fat loss workout, there are alternate sets of exercises that you carry out interspersed with rest periods of a minute or two.

weight loss workout plan

Tailor Your Weight Loss Workout Plans To Your Goals

There are tailor made workout plans for specific purposes. The key is to find out which one will help you achieve your goals and ends. You should aim to arrive at your target in the fastest, most effective way possible.

When you design your weight loss workout plans, make sure to pay attention to:

  • the exercises you choose
  • how you split your workout
  • what schedule you plan
  • the ratio of weight training and cardio exercises
  • the frequency and intensity of exercising

A workout calendar can be of great help in organizing your regimen. Split your exercise schedule into days of the week. Under each day, list the items to carry out – what exercise, how many reps, at what frequency.

For example, your Monday routine might be to do 10 reps of biceps curls, 10 reps of triceps kick backs and 10 reps of shoulder presses, the entire set repeated twice with a break of 2 minutes in between them.

By turning it into a checklist with boxes that you can tick when the exercise is finished, you can turn your weight loss workout plan into a blueprint that you can take along to the gym, mark off progress on, and review later to see how closely you’ve adhered to it.

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