Top Two Exercises To Lose Belly Fat – Belly Fat Exercises

If you were to ask me for just two exercises to lose belly fat fast, this is what I’d recommend. They are what many experts agree are the best exercise to lose belly fat.

But before I reveal these powerful fat melting workouts, let me make something clear. Exercise alone will not permanently remove belly fat. That takes one more thing – healthy nutrition.

Making a habit out of eating right and exercising regularly is the only surefire way to burn off belly fat – and keep it off. Of the many exercises to lose belly fat and getting rid of those love handles, these are the most effective ones.

1. Exercises To Lose Belly Fat: Kettlebell Swing

The first of two effective exercises for belly fat is rather simple. You bend down at your hips and hold a kettlebell (or dumbbell) with both of your hands. Keep your elbows straight, holding the weights at arm’s length. Rock back and move the kettlebell in between your legs.

Squeeze your gluteal muscles and thrust your hips forcefully in front. Lift up the weight to your shoulder level. This happens naturally from the momentum of the weights, even without you actively working to lift it. Then reverse the movement to swing the dumbbells back between your legs.

At any point during these exercises for belly fat, you should not round your lower back. It must remain arched when you bend at the waist. Swing back and forth for as many times as you can. This is one of the most effective exercises to lose belly fat.

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2. Exercises To Lose Belly Fat: Squat Thrust

One of the other popular exercises to lose belly fat begins with you standing with your feet apart at shoulder-width. Bend down at both your knees and waist. Squat until you can touch the floor with your hands.

Then kick both your legs back into the pushup position, and then reverse the movement and stand up from your squat.

That is one routine in exercises to lose belly fat fast. You can increase the difficulty of your exercises for belly fat by jumping up from a squatting position rather than standing up fast.

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Ok, now that I’ve listed two fantastic exercises to lose belly fat, a logical question is… Can I manage with only these two exercises? 

The answer is “Yes, of course.”

After all, this is the best exercise to lose belly fat. There’s a caveat, however. You must do many repetitions of these two exercises as part of your workouts to lose belly fat.

For example, with the first of these exercises for belly fat you must start with 15 reps of the kettlebell swing in your workout, followed by 15 reps of the squat thrust. Then, you’ll do 14 reps of each, and next 13, and so on all the way down to 1 rep of each. This process is known as a “countdown workout” and can be very effective workouts to lose belly fat.

The total set of exercises to lose belly fat will involve doing these 2 routines 120 times each – for 240 reps in all.

That’s a lot. And the workouts exercise your entire body, which means you’ll burn plenty of calories.

It won’t take much time if you do the best exercise to lose belly fat at the right pace. Each rep should only take a few seconds, so entire workouts to lose belly fat will only take 15 minutes. But it will leave you breathless and tired at the end – in a good way!

There are many advantages to following simple belly fat exercises routine like this when it comes to exercises to lose belly fat fast. If you try a complex routine with multiple different exercises, the temptation to skip one or more of them exists.

Also, you might just forget to do one of the series of belly fat exercises, or find that some of the exercises are more painful or hard to complete – and so avoid doing them. With a two-exercise routine, you don’t have this excuse and are more likely to stick with the agenda and complete your workouts to lose belly fat.

Another benefit is that this is a relatively light belly fat exercises workout. You don’t stress bones and joints in the way you would while jogging or running. It is a low impact exercise carried out at high intensity which delivers all the benefits of losing belly fat without much of the risk of other forms of workouts. And the metabolism boost that you’ll get after 240 reps will last for a long time beyond when you stop.

Now, some might quibble with even calling this a full belly fat exercises workout. But you shouldn’t bother about that. The bottom line is that this combination of kettle bell swings and squat thrusts alone can be great exercises to lose belly fat fast – and they beat 15 minutes on a treadmill!

There are other things that make up a healthy figure and it’s a good idea to follow an integrated fat loss program that will also guide you about how to eat healthy, develop more muscle and lose weight in a manner that is sustained over the long term.

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