How To Lose Fat – 3 Golden Rules

One of the most common fitness goals is also the most misunderstood. There are hundreds of books, articles, diet programs, and workout regimens on how to lose fat.

how to lose belly fat

However, with more than a few options available, it can be difficult to choose the rare program that is both effective and safe.

While you can always find and follow a good transformation program for fat loss with some research, it helps to understand the basics of fat loss. No matter what plan you select, there are some universal, time-tested rules that have been proven effective to get rid of stubborn fat cells.

These rules are the fat loss fundamentals that are incorporated in more than a few weight loss programs and courses. To help you get started, here’s a list of 3 golden rules on how to lose fat. Continue reading “How To Lose Fat – 3 Golden Rules”

Belly Fat Weight Loss Tips : Your Ultimate Guide

Belly fat weight loss tips go far beyond just fitting into your clothes better. Because it accompanies visceral fat, which can be deadly dangerous to your health, everybody ought to be concerned about belly fat weight loss before it causes diabetes, heart disease or worse.

belly fat weight loss Weight Loss

While body mass index (BMI) is widely used as a measure of overall health, what matters more in predicting metabolic disorders is excess belly fat. And these belly fat weight loss tips can guide you to this desirable goal – which is also harder to achieve.

So let’s talk about belly fat weight loss tips and how to get rid of stubborn abdominal fat. Continue reading “Belly Fat Weight Loss Tips : Your Ultimate Guide”

Weight Loss Camps – Can You Really Kickstart Your Diet

The decision to take yourself off to a weight loss camp, be it one of the increasingly popular weight loss boot camps or a more gentle weight loss retreat, is something to be thought through carefully.

The main benefit of being at one of of the weight loss resorts is that you remove yourself from temptation. Only healthy food is served, exercise is programmed into the day, with many camps offering personal trainer sessions to design an exercise program that is perfect for you and your current level of fitness. Continue reading “Weight Loss Camps – Can You Really Kickstart Your Diet”

Motivation To Lose Weight Determines Dieting Success

Lack of motivation to lose weight is responsible for more diet failures than anything else. You start your weight loss effort full of enthusiasm and excitement – but quickly run out of interest and inspiration.

That’s when you need a dose of motivation to lose weight to hang in there and stick with the program.

Many others have faced the same challenges as you. The rigors of weight loss and fitness or muscle gain are harsh indeed. motivation to lose weight can help tide over these mini-crises along the path to better eating and a fitter figure. Continue reading “Motivation To Lose Weight Determines Dieting Success”