Handy Tips On How To Lose Lower Belly Fat

How to lose lower belly fat?

Your lower belly is one of the body parts that pose immense challenges when you are trying to lose weight. This vexing region is the bane of anyone who has struggled to lose weight. You’ve toned up and done everything right, but cannot seem to shift that stubborn lower belly fat.

That little belly bulge standing between you and a flat stomach can be tricky. The good news is that it is fixable. Here are a few handy tips on how to lose lower belly fat.

1. Do Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular workouts speed up and enhance your body’s ability to burn fat by revving up the metabolism. A study conducted by Duke University found that people who engage in moderate cardio for 178 minutes per week hardly gained visceral fat over a period of 8 months.

Participants who engaged in higher intensity cardio workouts, such as jogging, for a similar amount of time experienced better results than the moderate participants. As surplus fat comes off your body, it will also melt away from the belly area since body fat is like one large continuous organ spread out all over your body.

Walking is one of the highly effective methods for people who are wondering how to lose lower belly fat, since it puts all your muscles to work. As you walk, ensure that you swing your arms and contract the mid-section. To make walking highly effective you must maintain a brisk pace and sustain it for about 30 minutes to achieve the aerobic effect.

2. Eat Healthy Food

As the popular saying goes, abs are built in the kitchen. You may train hard and long to build muscular abs, but as long as you are eating junk food all day long, you can’t get rid of your belly fat. So how to lose lower belly fat? You have to make lifestyle adjustments including the decision to eat healthy food. Stop eating processed foods and seek out unprocessed raw stuff that’s healthier and more nutritious.

You need carbohydrates for energy. But do not fall into the common trap that many dieters do by eating more carbs than you need. Extra carbs in the body are stored as fat, which is how you end up with belly fat.

Eating foods that have high protein content is an effective twist on how to lose lower belly fat. Basically proteins produce thermic effects unlike other foods. As a result the body will burn more energy and process more proteins than it does when processing fat and carbohydrates.

3. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

If you drink alcohol daily, you might as well forget about losing lower belly fat. Apart from what you eat, what you drink is critical to losing lower belly bulge.

Beer drinkers often have a peer shape characterized by belly fat and man boobs, which becomes more prominent as they grow older. Apart from this, alcohol tends to stress your liver which has to work harder to get rid of toxins, reducing your body’s ability to build muscles.

People who are seeking new information on how to lose lower belly fat often get misled into believing that they can burn fat in the specific area they want by engaging in a particular activity. What they do not know is that when you lose fat, your body decides the location it wants to lose it from and in which order.

Unfortunately, the lower belly happens to be one of the last areas from which most people lose fat.

So there you have it. If you intend to lose belly fat, you have to make certain lifestyle adjustments which includes nutrition and exercise that achieves overall fat loss also.

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