How To Lose Inner Thigh Fat

Want to know how to lose inner thigh fat?

If your weight is normal but your inner thighs touch, you might feel its because you’re carrying around extra fat. This could be because of your bone structure and narrow hips. If you anyway want to know how to lose inner thigh fat, understand that it is not always easy. You’ll have to follow a combined approach involving weight reduction and workouts designed specifically for inner thigh muscles.

Nothing about losing inner thigh fat happens quickly. You’ll need patience and perseverance. There might be days or even weeks when nothing seems to happen. You may be used to losing fat quickly from your belly, thighs or arms, and think it’s going to be just as fast. But the first thing to learn about how to lose inner thigh fat is that this is a slow process. You will achieve slimmer thighs and legs if you stick with it.

Here’s how to lose inner thigh fat consistently:

Eat Right

Eat fewer calories. Avoid saturated fats completely. Reduce your intake of red meat and consume only lean protein and whole grain foods. Low fat dairy is permitted, but tends to add to body fat.

Exercise Regularly

Whole body exercises to lose fat are equally important when you’re thinking about how to lose inner thigh fat. Ketosis helps convert fat stores into energy, but the fat is drawn from all parts of your body, not only the thighs. That’s why general workouts are such an important part of losing thigh fat.

Biking and swimming are particularly effective at burning off fat while exercising your legs and thigh muscles. Even people with arthritis or leg injuries will be able to perform them. Doing leg workouts at least 2 or 3 times a week will help lose fat. Playing sports is another option, where group activities help make the weight loss process fun.

Thigh Exercises

Exercise workouts specific to your inner thigh muscles include crossover lunges and side lunges. These must be repeated at least 15 times for each leg and thrice daily. Scissor kicks will help build tone in your inner thigh muscles and firm your lower belly muscles also. Each exercise must be held for 10 seconds and repeated 7 times after a break of 5 seconds.

Inner thigh squeezes are performed with an exercise ball held between your thighs. This exercise is exceptionally good for losing inner thigh fat. Hold the ball in a tight grip for as long as your muscles can maintain pressure. Stop when you feel tired.

Squat lifts and adduction routines for the hip are other thigh exercises that are effective in melting away thigh fat. You may prefer more fun activities like ice skating, roller blading or gymnastics to cut the flab off your inner thighs.

There are many other things you can do to lose inner thigh fat. Following a regular approach with discipline and persistence is the key. If anyone asks you how to lose inner thigh fat, think for a moment about all that you do – but then answer: “Slowly. Really slowly!”

Having access to a structured fat loss course like Shaun Hadsall’s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss” is another helpful way to stay on track and lose inner thigh fat quickly.

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