How To Lose 20 Pounds

“14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan”, Shaun Hadsall’s weight reduction program, teaches safe and efficient fat loss and muscle development. Based on macro-patterning and adaptive response training workouts, this program is effective at achieving fat loss goals and doing it without dangerous drugs or steroids.


Macro patterning is why 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss is popular with users because it’s a weight loss course that permits you to eat everything you want! Think that might get people thrilled about it? 🙂

But they won’t be unless they actually do lose weight. What’s amazing with Shaun’s program is how truly effective it is at delivering results.

Based on a carb cycling system with 3 different kinds of days:

  • deplete days (you eat very less carbohydrate)
  • baseline days (you eat enough to cover your body’s needs)
  • cheat days (you are allowed to gorge as much carb as you want)

The system helps fat loss by keeping your body from taking up a fat preserving metabolic compensation. Thinking starvation might last for a long time, your body conserves fat against future emergencies. With macro patterning, you avoid this and lose weight even as you eat more.

Adaptive Response Training

Another component of the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is adaptive response training. Varied workouts optimize the stresses to which relevant muscles are subjected. This makes them grow bigger and stronger.

Beginners to fitness training find this program simpler. You don’t require accessories or an exercise gym membership to do these workouts. The routine is very effective at burning off fat at the same time that it bulks up muscle.

That’s the magic of the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan… and why people love it.

It’s scientific, simple and well packaged. You’ll download a digital version to get started instantly. And you can eat whatever you want!

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