5 Best Kept Fat Loss Secrets

People mistake weight loss with fat loss. When they follow detrimental weight loss program they may actually be sacrificing useful muscle instead of fat.

The body in its effort to hang on to the last fat cell will even let the muscle tissue go. This is what happens if you deprive the body of required nutrition through crash diets or other fads.

The human body needs its daily calorific requirement to perform its bodily functions.

Eat healthy – Calculate your calorific requirements based on age, height, weight, activity level and gender. You may want to create a slight deficit but don’t go on starvation diet where body starts hoarding every carb you consume.

Build Muscle – Muscle is best calorie burning tissue in your body. Aim to build more muscle as it helps burn off extra fat in your body. Even 5 kg of extra muscle burns 350-500 calories/day. So you will burning off an equivalent of one kg of fat every week doing nothing if you have muscles. Strength training is key building muscle. Use your body weight.

Eat Protein – Proteins help build muscle. So, aim for proteins in every meal. Try to eat 1 gm of protein for every pound in body weight. Proteins keep up the nitrogen levels. The higher nitrogen helps in muscle growth and repair. Protein also the advantage of using up about large amount of calories in digesting the itself. So for every 100 calories of protein in take you spend 30 calories burning it off.

Cardio exercises – Choose a cardio exercise you love. There are dozens of ways you can burn off calories like aerobics, cycling, dancing, walking, swimming, jumping rope, jogging, yoga or Pilates. Choose a exercise you like. If you feel bored often then choose a group of people to do it with. If that doesn’t work switch to different exercise types and keep your heart pumping.

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