Dukan Diet And Your 14 Day Fat Loss Plan

Everyone is in hurry to lose weight. Even if they realize that it will take a long time to get to their target goal, many do fantasize about dropping a few dress sizes in the first week or two.

Well, with most weight loss programs this will simply not work unless you go on a starvation diet. This type of diet is not recommended as you will most likely gain all the weight back in a few months.

But there are some approaches which are effective because they are more scientifically structured and take into consideration your metabolic state and energy requirements. The Dukan Diet is a scientifically proven system that uses intensity training and a carb cycling diet to gain the body of your dreams – and accomplish this target in a surprisingly short time frame.

The person who designed the program, a mild-mannered doctor with extensive experience with diets, nutrition and metabolism physiology, knows what he is talking about. He has refined his system over 35 years, keeping only the dieting secrets that have been proven to work.

The Dukan Diet works for celebrities across the spectrum of politics and entertainment, and is widely accepted by specialists in the field of fitness and diet as a safe and effective method of fat loss. Dr.Dukan studied various aspects of functional diet systems and absorbed their best methods and modified it to suit his system.

This program is result of years of experience working with thousands of study subjects. One discovery was that most people do not challenge themselves enough. They are content to let things be. They exercise at a sedate pace, walk slowly when they can jog, spend hours in the gym when they can do high intensity training in short bursts and do it for half the time that they are currently doing.

Also cycling carbs helps in keeping your body well-supplied with energy. There is no inclination on the body’s part to hoard fat cells. This diet for rapid weight loss is designed so that you can eat as much as you want without compromising your weight loss goals. This fat loss Dukan diet plan is probably among the few programs that are scientifically designed and also work to get rid of fat.

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