Diets For Rapid Fat Loss

Mediterranean Diet, HCG Diet Or Dukan Diet? Welcome To The Low Carb Diet Slug Fest

A variety of diets have been recommended for rapid fat loss. Eating plans and nutritional suggestions are as diverse as there are people seeking to lose weight fast.

Though unique in their specifications, the one feature that all diets for rapid weight loss have in common is that the calorie intake should be less than the amount burned off by your body’s metabolism. That’s the only way a diet can help with fat loss.

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Mediterranean Diet – For Heart Health & Weight Loss

Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is an eating plan based on Mediterranean cuisine, especially olive oil and a glass of red wine. Like any other diet, the Mediterranean diet includes fruits and vegetables, fish and grains.

The Mediterranean diet pyramid promotes health and lowers heart disease risk as well as cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Ideal for most families, the Mediterranean diet features:

  • plant based food (veggies, fruits, whole grains and nuts)
  • no butter, only healthy olive oil
  • avoid salt for flavoring, use spices and herbs instead
  • eat red meat no more than twice in a week; fish is ok
  • red wine (1 small glass a day)

Other Diets – For Rapid Fat Loss

Several other diets are helpful in losing weight fast. Popular among them are:

In Conclusion…

Various diets are available to pursue the desired goal of rapid fat loss. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Users have experienced varying degrees of results from specific diets like the Mediterranean diet, HCG diet, low carb diet, Dukan diet, no carb diet and PCOS diet.

In the bigger analysis, diet is but one component of rapid fat loss. Integrating all relevant factors into a cohesive program is a challenge. Shaun Hadsall has managed to do it wonderfully in the “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan”. If you haven’t already seen it, check out this link and get more information at the official website here.

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