What is macro patterning and how can it help with fat loss?

What Is Macro Patterning and How Can It Help With Fat Loss?

In their quest to lose weight, many dieters are ready and willing to experiment with fad and even dangerous diets. These are not only useless, some are even harmful to health. In addition, some misunderstandings about what specific terms mean leads to suboptimal results when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain.

Macro patterning is one of the few really effective ways to lose fat. Yet very few fat loss programs teach it or are based on the technique. “14 Days To Rapid Fat Loss” by Shaun Hadsall is one of the notable exceptions, being completely founded on this powerful method of losing weight and gaining muscle.

Macro-patterning is the system patented by its creator, and which is based on patterns of eating according to a rhythm.

This puts your caloric intake in synchronicity with your metabolic rate ensuring that you don’t get into a vicious loop. Improperly understood carb cycling only leads to eliciting a starvation response in your body, causing it to start conserving fat.

The logic of this reaction is solid. Your body has no way of knowing that you are consciously cutting down on carbohydrates. It thinks there is a real shortage of dietary calories, and is not sure for how long this will last. So it shuts down metabolism of carbs, trying to keep precious stores saved up for real emergencies.

Even if you now starve yourself to very little starchy foods, no sugar and ban anything tasty from your plate, you won’t enjoy meaningful fat loss. In fact, you might even end up putting on weight because of the storage of fats as a reserve energy source!

Macro patterning is based on letting you eat anything you want while in the diet… just as long as you stay within the prescribed pattern. There will be 3 types of days in your diet:

  • 1. Deplete days – when you consciously cut out carbs from your eating
  • 2. Baseline days – when you eat only the bare minimum to meet energy needs
  • 3. Cheat days – when you can load up on as much carbs as you like

This macro patterning system aligns with the changes in metabolic rate imposed by a generally low carb diet and prevents the fat conserving hormone changes leading to fat loss and body building or adaptive response.

You’ll get rid of troublesome stubborn belly fat and reduce your weight quickly and effectively.

To get more insight into macro-patterning and specific details of how exactly it fits into your fat loss goals, make sure you check out the Shaun Hadsall “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” and read this detailed review of the rapid fat loss program here.

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What Is Adaptive Response Training?

What Is Adaptive Response Training?

Let’s talk about what adaptive response training means, and how it can help you with fat loss.

Whenever you set out to lose weight or gain muscle, there are two primary areas to focus on.

  • One is to reduce the amount of food you eat and choose specific types of fat burning foods that help rid your body of surplus fat.
  • The other is to undergo an exercise workout that’s designed to strengthen muscle while melting off stubborn belly fat, thigh fat and arm fat.

Muscle training in conjunction with dietary modifications can achieve dramatic results in a remarkably short time. That’s why most fat loss programs include detailed coaching for workouts that exercise all muscle groups in rotation.

The difference in some of the best programs is that they focus on adaptive response training rather than blindly exercising all muscle groups to exhaustion. In this variation, each muscle group is stressed to the optimal point so that they are compelled to grow bigger and stronger.

The modified workout schedule involves not routinely repeating the same exercises every day. Adaptive response training makes sure that your muscles are challenged with progressively varying weights and loads to the point when they are optimally stressed.

These muscle cells now consume the largest amount of energy, store them inside glycogen vacuoles and become stronger and bigger very quickly. In addition, the metabolism is geared to breaking down fats and building up muscle at the same time, resulting in melting away stubborn belly fat, growing arm and thigh muscles until you have a sensational physique, and do it all without recourse to dangerous drugs and steroids.

A popular training program like “14 Days Rapid Fat Loss Plan” by Shaun Hadsall is usually based on adaptive response training. These programs gain traction among users because:

  • a. They are effective – most users experience good results
  • b. They are easy – exercise workouts don’t leave you exhausted and weak
  • c. They are simple – understanding what to do isn’t rocket science
  • d. They are pleasant – and you’ll progress through the steps without giving up

See what delighted users are saying about it on the official website here.

If you’re sure that macro-patterning and interval sequencing can help with your fitness training, then try out the course. There is more information in a series of articles about metabolic effects of adaptive response training on this website – click here.

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