Fat Loss Diet Plans : Not About Diet, But Lifestyle

The best fat loss diet plans result in a personal transformation that completely alters your lifestyle, develops healthy habits and burns off fat while building muscle.

fat loss diet plans

Before talking about the best fat loss diet plans, let me emphasize that the stress is on “plans” than on “diet”. In other words, don’t obsess over fat loss diets because most of the popular ones lack in nutritional value, or are so complicated, you won’t stick with them beyond a week or two!

Worse, they are completely ineffective at keeping fat off in the long term.

So let’s focus more on tips, principles and workouts that will become a part of your fat loss diet plans and help you effectively melt away extra fat from your belly, thighs, hips and other areas.

The idea is to give you a simple strategy to eat and exercise to lose fat. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight for the very first time, or haven’t seen results from a weight loss program you’ve been trying for a while. Continue reading “Fat Loss Diet Plans : Not About Diet, But Lifestyle”

5 Best Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods are an excellent way to get your metabolism going! Regular diets have only limited effectiveness because they don’t alter hormonal balance in your body or affect the way your body deals with the food you eat.

This means that as long as you cut down on calories, you’ll remain thin – but the moment you let yourself go, you’ll shoot back up to the weight you once used to be. That’s not fun at all.

fat burning foods
Fat burning foods will help you discover a new dimension of weight loss that is enjoyable and effective. Continue reading “5 Best Fat Burning Foods”

Foods That Burn Fat

Belly fat is not just the fat under your skin which is seen as tires or love handles. It also includes visceral fat, which is the fat present deeper inside, surrounding your internal organs. This visceral fat is invisible, so even people who look thin on the outside have it.

Excessive belly fat is harmful. However it is quite easy to get rid of it. There are specific groups of foods that burn fat and improve health.

Here are a few foods that burn fat. Continue reading “Foods That Burn Fat”

Why Does A Bodybuilding Diet Matter?

Little Known Secrets of Eating Right For Rapid Fat Loss


bodybuilding diet is what is most important for muscle gain after exercise workouts. Eating right is a high priority for serious bodybuilders. Measuring calories and watching the kinds of food they eat can ensure that muscle gain takes place without piling on undesirable fat.

Here are some rules that will help with a bodybuilding diet plan: Continue reading “Why Does A Bodybuilding Diet Matter?”

Diets For Rapid Fat Loss

Mediterranean Diet, HCG Diet Or Dukan Diet? Welcome To The Low Carb Diet Slug Fest

A variety of diets have been recommended for rapid fat loss. Eating plans and nutritional suggestions are as diverse as there are people seeking to lose weight fast.

Though unique in their specifications, the one feature that all diets for rapid weight loss have in common is that the calorie intake should be less than the amount burned off by your body’s metabolism. That’s the only way a diet can help with fat loss. Continue reading “Diets For Rapid Fat Loss”

Is the 48 Hour Crash Diet a Miracle or Hollywood Mirage?

What is this Hollywood Miracle Crash Diet?

It is claimed to be a secret, special formula of natural fruits and essential oils containing vital nutrients and antioxidants. The drink is taken for 48 hours and promises a dramatic weight loss in that time.

If you were to drink nothing but this so called miracle diet formula for 48 hours your scales would almost certainly show a loss of weight, but what is it that has actually been lost? After all, you can lose weight by having a haircut but that doesn’t help you get into a smaller clothes size.

When talking about a crash diet and weight loss the underlying assumption is that you want to lose pounds of unwanted fat. You want to change shape but you don’t want to lose muscle and you don’t want to lose water. You need both. Continue reading “Is the 48 Hour Crash Diet a Miracle or Hollywood Mirage?”

Muscle Building Diet How To Keep Fat Away – Forever

It isn’t unusual for bodybuilders to binge eat while on a muscle building diet. The hope is that if they eat a lot, they’ll magically bulk up. It’s possible that might happen, but more likely that they will add fat more than muscle.

A shotgun approach to gain muscle doesn’t work as well as a formal and structured muscle building diet. These diets will help achieve the twin goals of burning off excess fat and building muscle.

A nice benefit is that it will accomplish this faster and more efficiently. Continue reading “Muscle Building Diet How To Keep Fat Away – Forever”

Your 1200 Calorie Diet Plan – Easy Diet Tips To Lose Weight

You decide to follow a 1200 calorie diet plan because you want to lose one pound every week, without sacrificing the tasty food you’ve grown used to. What can you do?

Well, without restricting yourself too much, you can still lose weight while sticking to a 1200 calorie diet which is a safe and healthy way to shed those extra pounds.

All you have to do is stick to your diet plan with discipline and persistence. Continue reading “Your 1200 Calorie Diet Plan – Easy Diet Tips To Lose Weight”

Dukan Diet And Your 14 Day Fat Loss Plan

Everyone is in hurry to lose weight. Even if they realize that it will take a long time to get to their target goal, many do fantasize about dropping a few dress sizes in the first week or two.

Well, with most weight loss programs this will simply not work unless you go on a starvation diet. This type of diet is not recommended as you will most likely gain all the weight back in a few months.

But there are some approaches which are effective because they are more scientifically structured and take into consideration your metabolic state and energy requirements. The Dukan Diet is a scientifically proven system that uses intensity training and a carb cycling diet to gain the body of your dreams – and accomplish this target in a surprisingly short time frame. Continue reading “Dukan Diet And Your 14 Day Fat Loss Plan”

Why Omega 3 Fatty Acids Are The Healthiest Food In The World

Fat is bad.  That’s a general comment that’s not absolutely correct, because there are “good fats” too.  Like Omega 3 fatty acids.  Two of them, known by their popular acronyms EPA and DHA, are found in some types of fish.  ALA is a plant form of omega 3 fatty acid.  Nuts and seeds are rich sources of ALA.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Fatty acids are necessary for your body to function normally.  In addition, supplements of omega 3 fatty acids can boost your health in many ways.  These forms (ALA, EPA and DHA) are called “essential fatty acids” because they are not manufactured inside your body and must be ingested in your daily diet.

How Do Omega 3 Boost Your Health?

1. Raised levels of triglycerides (unhealthy fat) are brought down by fish oil supplements rich in omega 3.  High blood levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides have several health risks including heart disease.  DHA is highly effective in bringing down blood levels of bad fats.

2. Joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis are relieved by omega 3 supplements, relieving pain and stiffness among long-time sufferers.  They work in synergy with anti-inflammatory medicines that are regularly prescribed for arthritis, enhancing their relieving effects as well.

3. The incidence of clinical depression has been found to be lower in communities that have a high intake of food rich in omega 3 fatty acids.  This effect has been confirmed by trials using omega 3 supplements as well.  Fish oil itself acts as an anti-depressant and increases the impact of drugs for this condition.

4. Fetal development is more likely to be normal when omega 3 levels are normal.  DHA is vital for eye and brain development in newborns and infants.

5. Neurological disorders like dementia have been found to be partially alleviated by omega 3 fatty acid supplementation.  Memory loss can be averted or reduced and aging-related changes in the brain are stalled or reversed by fish oil supplements.

6. Attention deficit disorder in children has also been found to be mitigated by fish oil omega-3 supplements, but this association is by no means strong enough to consider it as an effective treatment.

7. Lung conditions like bronchial asthma can be improved by omega-3s because of a general anti-inflammatory effect that lowers the release of chemicals that cause airway narrowing.

Can Omega 3 In Diet Meet Your Daily Requirements?

There are some kinds of food that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and those cultures which consume enough of them in the course of their regular eating habits can comfortably meet their daily needs through food without requiring supplementation.

Foods rich in omega-3s include herring, mackerel, anchovies, wild salmon, sardines, lake trout and tuna.  If you eat fish rich in omega 3 at least twice or thrice in a week, you will meet your needs.  The only downside to eating so much fish is the likelihood of contamination of the fish by PCB, heavy metals like mercury, and toxins.

ALA is found in plant sources like walnuts, flax seed, canola oil, olive oil and soyabean oil.  When planning your diet to contain enough omega-3, don’t ignore the other caloric and nutrient impact of the foods you eat.  Oils are rich in other saturated fats which are not good for your health.  Nuts contain many calories, and if you eat a lot of them, you could end up gaining too much weight.

How Does Omega 3 Improve Health?

These polyunsaturated fatty acids are necessary for blood clotting and brain cell protection.  In addition, omega-3 protects you against strokes and heart disease.

Anti-cancer effects are being uncovered by recent research and the role of omega 3 fatty acids in inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune disorders predicts more potential in improving health in the future.

Both forms – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) – have health benefits and are fortunately found together in many food sources including fish.  A daily serving of salmon or a tablespoonful of soyabean oil or canola oil in your food will meet your requirements comfortably.

Who Needs Omega 3 Supplements?

It is preferable to get all your omega 3 through your diet.  Plants and foods that are rich in omega-3 also have other nutrients that are good for you.  But those who do not eat fish and can’t take other omega-3 rich foods can ensure a daily intake of these vital ingredients in the form of a supplement.

A capsule that provides 500 mg per day of omega-3 is sufficient in most cases.  Most supplements are made from fish oil but there are vegetarian options also which contain ALA.

Under special circumstances, the daily requirement may be higher.  For example, people who have heart disease or have already had a heart attack may take twice the regular dose of omega-3 supplements.  It is always good to consult your medical practitioner before changing supplement dosage.

Omega 3 fatty acids have so many health advantages that they are justifiably referred to as “Superfoods”.  Ensuring that you get your daily dose of omega 3 in diet or through supplements can transform your health significantly.