Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diet For Fast Fat Loss

In its original iteration, a low carb diet is about eating unprocessed and natural food that is low in carbohydrates. Ideal for losing weight and improving health, the typical low carb diet has several unique features.

Low Carb Diet
Most low carb diet plans recommend eating meat, fish, eggs and plant produce (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and even some tubers). Equally important to the low carb diet plan is foods to avoid. The list includes:

  • sugar
  • gluten grains
  • trans fat
  • omega 6 seed and vegetable oil
  • artificial sweeteners
  • “diet” and “low fat” food stuffs
  • processed foods

Sample low carb diet menus are available to restrict your diet so that you don’t exceed your 50 gram limit for total carbs. Detailed low carb diet plans are available to download and follow.

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Carbs: The Double Edged Sword

First of all, carbs are not necessarily the enemy. They can actually be your best fat burning friends – IF you use them strategically.

And, if you really want to control fat loss once and for all, it’s crucial for you to understand the pros and cons of carb intake. Trust me, it can be a love-hate relationship.

The Pros of Carbs

  1. Carbs are muscle sparing. In other words, they preserve and prevent the breakdown of lean calorie burning muscle tissue.
  2. They provide energy to the brain and the body.
  3. They help spark our metabolism and keep it elevated to prevent metabolic slowdown and keep hormones in check.
  4. They stimulate insulin, which leads to a very anabolic/muscle building environment (this is kind of a catch 22 as you’ll read in a second).

The Cons of Carbs

  1. Carbs spike insulin levels and elevate blood sugar. It’s almost impossible to burn body fat in the presence of high insulin levels. (hence – the catch 22 above)
  2. Consuming too many carbs over lengthy periods of time can lead to a lot of fat spillover (see chart below), which leads to excess fat storage. Think obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  3. Carbs (especially processed carbs) are the most abused nutrient from both a health and fat loss perspective.
  4. Excess carb intake creates a lot of water retention, which leads to a soft look so it makes you look and feel bloated.
  5. Processed carbs hide nasty fillers and chemicals that can potentially lead to severe health challenges. We call these obesity additives.

Additionally, processed carbs like grains contain “anti-nutrients” and gluten that can block fat-loss and potentially cause various types of autoimmune diseases.

Carbs Pros and Cons

Now you can see why people think you can just cut out carbs to lose weight. But there’s obviously a lot more to it because we need carbs to stay healthy and keep our metabolism happy and burning fat.

Additionally, low carb diets only work for 4 to 7 days at a time before your thyroid and leptin levels react negatively to slow metabolic rate and suppress fat burning hormones.

Now you can see the crux of carb intake. It can be a double-edged sword.

That’s why you gotta get “sneaky” and cycle your carb intake to maximize both your health and long term fat-loss.

Inside this video, Shaun Hadsall shows exactly how to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat with a method he’s coined as food macro-patterning:

=> Eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat

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Dukan Diet And Your 14 Day Fat Loss Plan

Everyone is in hurry to lose weight. Even if they realize that it will take a long time to get to their target goal, many do fantasize about dropping a few dress sizes in the first week or two.

Well, with most weight loss programs this will simply not work unless you go on a starvation diet. This type of diet is not recommended as you will most likely gain all the weight back in a few months.

But there are some approaches which are effective because they are more scientifically structured and take into consideration your metabolic state and energy requirements. The Dukan Diet is a scientifically proven system that uses intensity training and a carb cycling diet to gain the body of your dreams – and accomplish this target in a surprisingly short time frame.

The person who designed the program, a mild-mannered doctor with extensive experience with diets, nutrition and metabolism physiology, knows what he is talking about. He has refined his system over 35 years, keeping only the dieting secrets that have been proven to work.

The Dukan Diet works for celebrities across the spectrum of politics and entertainment, and is widely accepted by specialists in the field of fitness and diet as a safe and effective method of fat loss. Dr.Dukan studied various aspects of functional diet systems and absorbed their best methods and modified it to suit his system.

This program is result of years of experience working with thousands of study subjects. One discovery was that most people do not challenge themselves enough. They are content to let things be. They exercise at a sedate pace, walk slowly when they can jog, spend hours in the gym when they can do high intensity training in short bursts and do it for half the time that they are currently doing.

Also cycling carbs helps in keeping your body well-supplied with energy. There is no inclination on the body’s part to hoard fat cells. This diet for rapid weight loss is designed so that you can eat as much as you want without compromising your weight loss goals. This fat loss plan is probably among the few programs that are scientifically designed and also work to get rid of fat.

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HCG Diet

HCG Diet & Rapid Fat Loss

Mediterranean Diet
The HCG diet, conceived by Dr.Simeons, is for use by morbidly obese people who are at risk for various diseases because of their weight. The goal of a HCG diet is to get people healthy, not just thin.

However, the HCG diet does work well for rapid fat loss, with average weight loss in the range of 1 to 3 pounds daily. The ultimate benefit of the HCG diet lies in eradicating bad eating habits and being satiated with smaller portions and healthier foods.

The original manuscript published by Dr.Simeons in his book, “Pounds and Inches”, outlines in great detail the proposed HCG diet plan.

Details of the three main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – are spelled out for followers of the HCG diet. While you’re on a HCG diet, you’ll stick to a 500 calorie limit.

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