5 Best Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods are an excellent way to get your metabolism going! Regular diets have only limited effectiveness because they don’t alter hormonal balance in your body or affect the way your body deals with the food you eat.

This means that as long as you cut down on calories, you’ll remain thin – but the moment you let yourself go, you’ll shoot back up to the weight you once used to be. That’s not fun at all.

fat burning foods
Fat burning foods will help you discover a new dimension of weight loss that is enjoyable and effective. It can be a great weight loss motivation to watch rolls of fat melt off your belly, thigh and arms. What’s nicer still is that the fat loss is permanent and won’t return when you get back to regular eating.

Which are the best fat burning foods to eat if you want to lose weight? There are some kinds of food which can enhance your basal metabolic rate and release enzymes and hormones that burn off fat. Making them an integral part of your daily diet can ensure permanent fat loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s talk about the 5 best fat burning foods next.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli acts at the level of fat cells, making them melt away. A nutrient that’s in broccoli called sulforaphane is very similar in structure to the natural fat burning enzyme, and will speak with the cell’s processes in the same way as the enzyme, fooling it into releasing fat and using it up for energy. Broccoli sauteed with salads or sausage can make for a delicious fat losing meal.

2. Almonds

Nuts like almonds must be eaten with their skin to enjoy the best fat burning effect. Almonds can help gain muscle and reduce your desire for fried and oily foods. They also boost cellular metabolism, resulting in the body burning off more calories. A handful of almonds or other nuts, or crushed and sprinkled on salads or in a glass of milk can make for a tasty snack that’s also helpful in weight loss.

3. Chia Seeds

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in high concentration in chia seeds, helping to lower appetite and also stimulates the release of a blood glucose boosting counter-hormone called glucagon. This in turn increases fat burning for energy. Chia seeds can be cooked just like oats to make porridge or gruel. With almonds, honey or ground coconut, they are extremely palatable and healthy.

4. Salmon

Wild salmon is an excellent fat burning food. It increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin and helps fat burning for energy. Salmon also increases thyroid hormone production, which in turn increases metabolic rate and consumes more calories. Poached or grilled wild salmon are favorites with many health conscious dieters.

5. Coffee

Delivering an extra burst of adrenaline, coffee perks you up and burns off your fat. A drink half an hour before working out can help you gain the greatest benefit from exercise. Black coffee of the caffeinated kind is ideal. Milk can detract from the fat burning effect of coffee. Moderation is the key, though, because too much coffee can lead to interference with insulin production.

These different fat burning foods begin acting right away. You’ll quickly notice even stubborn belly fat disappearing to be replaced by healthy muscle. Other fat burning foodstuffs include brown rice, whole grain, whey, grapefruit, green tea and more. Taken in concert with a fitness program like “14 Days To Rapid Fat Loss” can help you achieve dramatic changes in your health and fitness.

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