14 Day Rapid Fat Loss

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss – How You Can Achieve Success Using This Proven Method

Shaun Hadsall’s 14 day rapid fat loss program is a step by step guide to losing fat without dieting. This system essentially relies on two reliable concepts to achieve fast fat loss. It requires subjects to focus on intense workouts followed by a diet based on Macro-Patterning to achieve complete change in your body structure and shape.

The guide is available as a PDF document. It relies on using carbohydrates to lose the excess fat unlike other diet books which ask to shun all carbs. The argument is based on the fact that carbohydrates are essential sources of energy for the body and shunning them causes the body to hoard every bit of unused carbohydrate as fat in the body.

The system uses 3 days known as deplete day, cheat day and carb baseline day to try and stimulate the fat burning hormones to convert the fat stored in the abdomen region into an energy and recharge your body. People who have used different diet products over the years will that this system works for them well.

In order to achieve your goal of rapid weight or fat loss you need focus and determination. A discipline approach to weight loss will guarantee results but the journey is not all easy. It is tough, hurts, leaves you with sore muscles and sweaty gym clothes.

Shaun is a certified personal trainer and fitness blogger. He has appeared in many magazines and TV shows.

Shaun Hadsall worked with two of the biggest fitness and diet experts in the world. He is a product of Bill Philips “Body Of Life” program. He was a runner up in the 1998 competition called Body of Life Challenge. He uses the high intensity interval training pioneered by Bill Phillips. His fitness program relies heavily on the concepts fine-tuned by Bill Phillips. Shaun was also trained by the world famous expert on diet Wendy Chant. She was the author of the NY times best-seller – Crack the Fat Loss Code.

Shaun Hadsall holds the rights to promote the Micro Patterning diet system pioneered by Wendy.

So he holds solid credentials as far as fitness training is concerned. Over the years he has also fine tuned the fat loss program which is now a proven system.

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