Rapid Fat Loss Calculator

Does a Rapid Fat Loss Calculator Make Your 14 Day Fat Loss Plan Work?

A weight loss calculator can be of great help in counting calories and ensuring that your intake is lesser than the energy your body burns off in activity.

The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan works on the principle that if you deprive your body of the essential nutrient group of carbohydrates, then the body compensates for this by storing body fat. The human body has evolved over thousands of years and has developed robust mechanisms to fight food scarcity, hunger and prolonged periods of drought when there is nothing to eat. It is this mechanism that stimulates the body to store every bit of carbohydrate you consume into fat which can be used later in times of scarcity.

Carbohydrates are the ready made energy source for the body. If you deprive your body of this essential food group, it signals the body that there is an imminent scarcity, which in turn kick starts fat storing mechanisms. That prevents you from losing weight.

Instead of confusing your body by signaling scarcity, when you use methods outlined in the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan that tell your body that there is plenty of food available, you are also indicating that there is no need to store fat. A rapid fat loss calculator can help you calculate the calorie count which guides the amount of specific types of food allowed under the program.

This program will teach you the essentials of which carbohydrates to eat to lose body fat, and to continue eating your favorites without compromising your weight loss goals. The carbohydrates you eat will be used up for immediate energy needs and will not be stored as fat.

The advantages of using a rapid fat loss calculator along with your weight loss plan are:

1. It saves you time and money.
2. It is a safe, fast and effective system of losing fat.
3. The results are noticeable within a few days.
4. The meal plan is very easy to follow and recipes listed in the book make the whole process simple.
5. There is no need to starve or deprive yourself of favorite foods.
6. If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact the support desk for prompt and polite service.

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