14 Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan – How Effective Is This System?

The 14 day rapid weight loss plan works on the principle that if you deprive your body of essential nutrient group of carbohydrates, then the body compensates for this by storing body fat.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

The human body has evolved over thousands of years and has developed robust mechanisms to fight food scarcity, hunger and prolonged periods of drought when there is nothing to eat.

It is this mechanism that stimulates the body to store every bit of carbohydrate you consume into fat which can be used later in times of scarcity.

Carbohydrates are the ready made energy source for the body. If you deprive your body of this essential food group it signals to the body that there is imminent scarcity and it kick starts fat storing.

So, instead of confusing your body by signalling a scarcity, use methods outlined in the 14 day rapid fat loss plan which tell the body there is plenty of food available and there is no need to store fat.

This program will teach you the essentials of which carbohydrates to eat to lose body fat and to continue eating your favorites without compromising your weight loss goals. The carbohydrates you eat will be used up for immediate energy needs and will not be stored as fat.

Another important point that this book talks about is the when and what carbohydrates to consume. This ensures that the carbohydrates consumed are converted to energy for the body’s needs and not stored in the form of fat.

In this 14 day rapid weight loss plan you will not do any useless low-carb type crash diets recommended by other diet programs.

  • You will enough calories and there will not be any huge calorie deficits which will leave you hungry all the time.
  • You won’t go around feeling all run-down with zero energy in your system.
  • You will never feel deprived about not eating your favorite carbs. You don’t have to count your calories or grams.
  • You won’t feel like an odd ball at family gatherings and social programs just because you need to avoid certain food groups.
  • Your metabolism will not slow down because you deprived your body of essential calories.
  • Your fat burning hormones will work full-time instead of being suppressed.
  • You will not lose strength or your lean muscle in this system.
  • Muscles burn more calories than other tissues in your body.
  • Your lean muscles are your asset and losing them by crash dieting is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your bid to lose weight.
  • Since there is no dieting involved you don’t have to obsess over the type of food to eat and how much you eat.

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The advantages of using the 14 day rapid fat loss plan are

1. It saves you time and money.
2. It is a safe, fast and effective system of losing fat.
3. The results are noticeable in a few days time.
4. The meal plan is very easy to follow and recipes listed in the book make the whole process quiet simple.
5. There is no need to starve or deprive yourself of favorite foods.
6. If you have any doubts or queries contact the help desk who are always prompt and polite.
7. The program offers a 100% money back guarantee within the first 60-days of buying the course.
8. The book is very easy book to read as Shaun has straight-forward writing style. The man is an expert in the field of fat loss and this book is his contribution to the world.
9. He offers many real-life scenarios and tested methods with testimonials from people who have successfully used his system.
10. This system does not recommend that you starve yourself. So you are always full, satisfied and full of energy for the tasks at hand.
11. The 14 day rapid fat loss plan book is an easy read and also easy to follow.
12. The program is affordable and works incredibly well for those who use it.

Like any other weight loss plan you need to be completely dedicated to the program for it to really work.

If you don’t follow the system outlined in the course the results will not be as rapid as Shaun promises still you will see a significant change in your body weight.

Lose Weight Naturally. An Unusual Guide To Rapid Fat Loss That’s Easy, Effective & Safe

14 Day Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

There are two parts to the 14 day rapid weight loss course written by Shaun Hadsall.

The 14 day rapid weight loss system uses a principle called ‘interval sequencing’. This is high intensity interval training performed at lesser frequency but higher intensity. The idea here is to constantly challenge your body to greater intensity of effort.

When you continuously challenge yourself you will develop lean muscle and kick up your metabolism. Both these cause rapid fat loss and consequently weight loss. The lost weight is fat not lean muscle which is what is lost in other weight loss systems.

The second component of this system is devoted to diet. Here the program recommends Macro patterning which uses Wendy Chant’s principle on carb cycling where you eat as much as you want but take care to eat particular carbs on particular days and at different times.

This prevents the weight loss rebound which is the bane of almost every person who has lost weight.

Use the meal plans and recipes listed in the book to get a head start in your weight loss plan. The Micro Patterning diet make sense in that the body does need carbohydrates for its energy needs.

By sticking to the advice given in the book you can actually burn off all the calories from the carbs without retaining any of it in the form of fat. This uses the deplete days, baseline days and cheat days for carbs cycling.

The product is for those who enjoy learning more of how and why weight loss works. It is proven system that helps a person lose weight is the safe and quick way. The books deals with both diet and exercise aspects which are twin engines to weight loss success.

You should be prepared to give your 100% to the system to make it work. Everything is clearly explained but those who don’t the technicalities might find it difficult to follow.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss
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