14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review

In a world obsessed with good looks and a slim figure, it is not surprising that so many are in search of an effective fat loss program. What’s more, the vast majority want a system that will help them with rapid fat loss, preferably one that will make them lose weight in a week or two.

Let’s talk about one of the most effective systems that is based on macro-patterning and adaptive response training… in this 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review

What is Macro-Patterning? How does it help fat loss?

Macro-patterning is a patented methodology of eating patterns that follow a rhythm that’s in sync with the body’s metabolism during carb starvation. Carb cycling done the traditional way provokes a starvation response, leading your body’s metabolism into lock-down which conserves fats against future need.

This means that you could starve yourself to the minimum, shun all tasty foods and exercise until you drop – and still not enjoy meaningful fat loss. In fact, after a small initial drop, your fat levels will stay the same (or even increase) if you go on a low carb diet.

Macro patterning allows you to eat whatever you like – as long as you stay within the system. On deplete days, you’ll literally eliminate carbohydrates from the food you eat. On baseline days, your carb calories will match whatever you spend on activities. And there are cheat days when you can cut loose and gorge on your favorite foods.

Because this pattern aligns with your metabolic changes, there is no fat conserving hormonal response. As a result, during periods of carb starvation, your body relies on fatty acid breakdown for calories – and this gets rid of troublesome belly fat.

What Is Adaptive Response Training?

Muscle training is a great adjunct to dietary changes when you want rapid fat loss. Most trainers focus on a general workout that exercises all muscles equally.

Courses like the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review by Shaun Hadsall recommend going against the grain with adaptive response training. This is a variation where muscles are stressed optimally in order to force them to grow and consume energy from fat breakdown as they become bigger and stronger.

The result of this modified training process is that your body breaks down fat simultaneously with the muscle gaining activity, giving you a healthier and fitter look.

What Makes a Popular Fat Loss Program Work?

Any system for fat loss is based on two simple tenets – eating less than your body consumes as calories, and working out so that more energy is consumed leading to break down of energy stores in the form of fat.

While many systems work when followed strictly, the reason only some are popular include:

Effectiveness – When most people who follow a system get good results, word spreads about how reliable, tested and proven it is.

Ease – Complex workouts or programs that need greater compliance from members is doomed to failure in at least a few cases. The easier it is, the better.

Presentation – Many programs take a PhD to even understand! Simple, concise, illustrated teaching is a strong plus.

Pleasantness – If you enjoy going through a program, you’re more likely to finish it. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss allows you to eat whatever you like. That’s a strong positive point in its favor.

So it really is no wonder that a weight loss program which incorporates all these concepts will be popular and widely recommended to others. That’s what happens with Shaun Hadsall’s bestselling program, you can see what happy users are saying about it on the official website here.

If you’re convinced about the value of macro-patterning and interval sequencing, and want to learn how to apply it to your fitness training, then try out the program yourself. There is a series of articles and reports on the various metabolic effects of carb cycling and adaptive response training on this website – click here.

Of course, you might think this is all exaggeration and hyperbole, that it isn’t possible to lose fat rapidly. Maybe it has never worked for you, and you believe that it should take years of disciplined effort to shed a few pounds permanently. That could well be the result of distorted metabolism as a result of carb cycling done the wrong way, and the information on these links could help you see what’s the problem and how to fix it.

The True Facts About Shaun Hadsall’s Best-Selling Rapid Fat Loss Program

The 14 Day Fat Loss Plan

Everyone is in hurry to lose weight.

Even if they realize that it will take a long time to get to their target goal, many do fantasize about dropping a few dress sizes in the first week or two.

Well with most weight loss programs this will simply not work unless you go on a starvation diet. This type of diet is not recommended as you will most likely gain it all back in a few months time.

But there is a scientifically proven system that uses intensity training and carb cycling diet to gain the body of your dreams and that too in 14 days.

This is not a tall claim. The person who designed the program knows what he is talking about as he is a trained personal trainer and also has exposure to dieting secrets that work.

Shaun Hadsall has worked with top gurus in the field of fitness and diet and has absorbed their methods and modified it to suit his system. This program is result of years of experience working with such legends and also with lay people.

He discovered that most people do not challenge themselves enough. They are content to let things be. They exercise at a sedate pace, walk slowly when they can jog, spend hours in the gym when they can do high intensity training in short bursts and do it for half the time that they are currently doing.

Also cycling carbs helps in keeping your body well-supplied with energy. There is no inclination on the body’s part to hoard fat cells. It is designed so you eat as much as you want without compromising your weight loss goals.

This 14 day fat loss plan is probably the only programmer that is scientifically designed and also the quickest way to get rid of fat.

The True Facts About Shaun Hadsall’s Best-Selling Rapid Fat Loss Program

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Review

While many 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss reviews share the same glowing opinion about Shaun Hadsall‘s best-selling weight loss program, this one is different… because it will NOT try to get you to order it!


It’s only meant to inform you about the program and introduce two interesting and unique concepts highlighted in the course… macro-patterning and adaptive response.

These are the cornerstone to the program’s success at getting rid of stubborn belly fat in a safe, simple and effective manner.

If you’re searching for information about how to shed some pounds quickly, you’ve probably heard about the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan. Maybe you’re not yet convinced that it’s an effective method that has helped hundreds of people with fat loss.

The carb cycling system which lies at the heart of a program crafted by an expert, well-known fitness trainer allows you to eat anything you want to.

Yes, anything. No restrictions ever… just you’ve got to promise to work inside the system.

3 Types of Diet Days

Your carb cycle will include

  • – deplete days, when you must cut down on carbohydrate intake
  • – baseline days where you eat just enough carbs for your needs
  • – cheat days when you can go crazy – and eat whatever you want

And this gets rid of stubborn belly fat?

Strange as it may sound, yes. ‘Interval sequencing‘ in combination with this can help with fat loss and muscle building.

As carb intake drops, your body shifts to ‘starvation mode’. Fat is conserved for the uncertain future – and carbohydrate stores are used up for energy.

You’ll eat less, feel tired, and almost lose your sense of taste from the bland food you’re permitted… and you still can’t lose fat!

All that changes with the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan style of carb cycling.

Why People Love The 14 Day Fat Loss Plan

The diet and fitness system is based on a scientifically tested and proven process that works for most people.

It is simple, easy to follow, and hard to make mistakes with.

All the material is nicely packaged for immediate download.

Plus, you’re allowed to eat anything you like!

No wonder fans from all over the world love to learn and apply the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan?

See what other users are saying about the fat loss program at their official website here.

To apply it to your fitness training, try out the program yourself from here – click.

Learn more about the Rapid Fat Loss Plan in this series of articles atthis website – click here.

This 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss review was meant to share some information… not to convince you to buy! Hope you found it helpful.

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