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“Eat this.”

“No, it doesn’t work. Eat that instead.”

“Oh, that. It’s old hat. Now this latest diet for rapid fat loss, however…”

When it comes to diets for rapid fat loss, the claims fly fast and thick. It’s enough to make your head spin. You want a 14 days fat loss plan that will help you with rapid weight loss. But instead of tips and guidance, what you’re getting is myth and misinformation.

For decades, self-proclaimed rapid weight loss specialists spouted advice about how to lose weight. “Eat less fat,’ they said. ‘You can’t help but lose weight.’

That seemed to make sense. And so you went on another diet for rapid fat loss, starving yourself of cakes and ice-cream, pizza and pies, cheese and chocolates.

Rapid Fat Loss

But see what they’re now saying!

Apparently, research into several 14 days fat loss plans has helped them discover that fatty foods do NOT make you fat. But what does is – get this – eating too many carbohydrates!

What’s someone like you or me to make of all this 14 day rapid weight loss hoopla?

That’s the question I set out to answer – and it led me to some fascinating research, interviews and data. Weeks of poring over textbooks and journals, blogs and books, websites and interviews have led to some strange, even shocking conclusions.

It’s all in this Weight Loss Tips website. You’ll discover what to eat, and what to avoid. Diets for rapid fat loss, and how to burn fat easily. And we’ll also be shattering some lasting myths about low-fat diets and recommending an excellent 14 days fat loss plan.

Diets for Rapid Fat Loss

To Lose Weight, Eat More Fat!

Myth? NO!

The adage that truth is usually stranger than fiction holds to this seeming fat loss myth.

In the ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’, a reputed medical journal, an article was published in late 2014 from Tulane University. Researchers had asked 148 volunteers to eat one of these two diets for rapid fat loss:

  • a low-carb (less than 40 grams/day)
  • a low-fat diet

The unexpected finding from this 14 day rapid weight loss plan was that subjects in the low-carb study group dropped 7.7 pounds more on average than those who ate less fat!

That’s right.

Eating more carbs is what makes us fatter. And cutting down on carbohydrates can help with rapid fat loss.

It may not sound quite logical, until you learn the science underlying it. So let’s get into more detail in this report about how carbs make us fat…

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